• How to achieve the welfare state in the twenty-first century

  • Roberto Kozulj

  • Colección:   Aperturas
  • ISBN:   978-987-4960-15-3
  • Fecha de publicación:   18/09/2019
  • Páginas:   302

Roberto Kozulj proposes a bold and vital idea in a global context marked by economic and political crises: how to achieve the welfare state in the 21st century.
If new ideas and approaches do not emerge, the most likely is that there will be a proliferation of analyzes, opinions and controversies that, in general, repeat old recipes.
In this work the author proposes that if the activities linked to urban development are reoriented towards the construction and reconstruction of sustainable cities, it would tend to solve a large part of the problem of structural unemployment.
Urban maintenance and the transformation of cities, which require low-skilled labor, would allow sustainability to deploy the set of dimensions that it entails. These range from the right of future generations to have natural resources and a non-degraded environment, to their opportunity to be inserted into the labor market.


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